Why Join Canndor?

Here at Canndor, we want to showcase Cannabis biodiversity, and acknowledge the community responsible for stewarding and growing this incredible plant. Our work aims to help the community establish and define type specimens, codify names surrounding the plants YOU have created and propagated, and understand how Cannabis varies when grown in differing locations.


This is your material, you should define it. However, without proper documentation through vochering, definitions are meaningless. Herbaria serve as record keeping organizations to house this information.  Voucher specimens, which serve as the gold standard of cultivar documentation, set the stage for community lead definitions and germplasm ownership. At Canndor YOU are able to set the parameters that define YOUR cultivars / strains. Become a contributing member and own your shit.


Cannabis cultivars vary when grown in differing locations, and understanding how the environment impacts the phenotype is a powerful tool. Contributing to Canndor generates the data needed to elevate your grow. Data improves best agricultural practices, better practices means higher profits.

Friends of the Herbarium

Interested in Cannabis biodiversity? Want to learn more about what the herbarium is doing to document Cannabis?

Contributing to Canndor empowers breeders to define their material, grants you access to meaningful data, helping your organization and the entire community grow better.