Herbarium Overview

The Canndor Herbarium is the first ever Cannabis herbarium. Herbaria are traditional houses of dried, preserved plant material that serve as a library of historical and biological records. They act as the foundation of real cultivar (strain) standards- standards that the community itself should define. These herbarium specimens are physical proof of cultivation and give long-time plant stewards claim to their material that outsiders cannot dispute.

Herbariums have great cultural and scientific value that directly benefit humanity, industries, and local communities if accessible to the people. While most if not all herbaria are academically held institutions that do not provide direct access of their specimens to the public, we believe that separates those in the industry from being the decision-makers about cultivar standards.

At their core, herbaria are centers of biological study to support research, and record keepers for what’s grown in the past, as well as what’s cultivated currently. Canndor is committed to providing this community resource to preserve cultivar biodiversity as a whole, give voice to the small farmer’s artisanal bounty, foster research that benefits the community, and support organizations trying to create a verifiable, consistent products.

Canndor prides itself as being the People’s Herbarium- the first and only industry-based herbarium, serving the industry directly to provide resources rooted in the utility of an herbarium.

Herbarium in Practicum

Herbarium specimens may be whole plants or plant parts, that are dried and mounted on a sheet of paper but, depending upon the dimensions of the material, they may also be stored in boxes or kept in alcohol. Along with the physical samples detailed information on where and when the plant was collected, its habitat or cultivation method, and additional phenoty[ic information such as: color, chemical profiles and yield amounts can be included. The name of the collector, original breeder, steward or farm is usually included as well.

Herbariums housing Voucher specimens, or the plant material that was used to describe a particular “type” of plant are of greatest value. This is especially true of herbarium samples that describe a new species or specimens on which the study of a species was founded.